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Martha Tilston performing at Telfords Wearhouse, Chester. 16th October 2007.

Matt Tweed, Tim Cotterell, Luke Parker, Beth Berry, Matt Kelly, Robin Tyndale-biscoe, Mark Fisher, Cate Ferris - a very talented bunch.

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'A sparkling repertoire of self-penned songs' -Timeout
'she has probably the purest voice I have heard and at times it sent shivers up and down my spine' - Lee Allen, BBC

'As political as often as she is romantic, her voice weaves magic... ...sounding redolent of wet leaves and spider-webbed hollows... ...The Tilston name seems fair set to dominate the English folk scene for another generation. ' - Netrhythms

'Martha Tilston is on her way to being considered one of Britains finest young singer-songwriters' - Orpheus magazine/Virgin
Martha TilstonMartha TilstonMartha TilstonMartha TilstonMartha TilstonMartha Tilston